04/2022 Upcoming IOTS Events

Because of the worldwide SARS-CoV-2 pandemic both IOTS events of 2021 had to be cancelled to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

But in 2022 CE4A is happy to announce that there will be an IOTS in June 2022! Officiall invitation have been sent to all contact partners. If you want to be added as a contact partner for upcoming IOTS events, you may reach out to CE4A over our Contact form.


10/2021 Position Paper Release

In October 2021 the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) released the "VDA technical position for integration of Near Field Communication in vehicles" paper in collaboration with CE4A. 

The paper lists and defines possible use cases and technical requirements for using Near Field Communication in vehicles. Hopefully this paper will contribute to a common understanding of use cases across the automotive and consumer electronics industry to ensure a seamless integration of Consumer Electronic devices in the car environment using different technologies.

To read the full paper visit the Standard Connector Expert Group


10/2020 Upcoming IOTS Events

Because of the worldwide SARS-CoV-2 pandemic both IOTS events of 2020 had to be cancelled to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Unfortunately it is not clear yet, if the organisation of an event this size, with participants from different countries will be allowed next year either. The event organisers will inform participants as soon as possible about any news and new developments regarding the next IOTS in the coming months.


04/2020 Adoption of the new HFP 1.8 Specification by the Bluetooth SIG's Board of Directors

CE4A had a key role in the development of HFP 1.8. In particular, the new Enhanced Voice Recognition Activation feature was driven by CE4A. The new specification has been officially adopted by the BoD on April 14th, 2020.


11/2019 Joint IOTS and Bluetooth SIG UnPlugFest in Vienna

For the second IOTS event in 2019 the CE4A partnered up with the Bluetooth SIG and hosted the second IOTS event of 2019 alongside the Bluetooth SIG UPF64 in Vienna. Engineers and Developers from all over the world attended the joint event.

The CE4A IOTS event was organised with special entry requirements and a separate registration process. More than 20 different test platforms from 14 different companies signed up to test their software and hardware products against different CE4A member platforms.

The CE4A Reference Platform RRP also attended the UPF64 with consistent positive feedback from developers.


05/2019 First IOTS Event 2019 in Munich

The first IOTS event 2019 organised by the CE4A took place on May 21st and 22nd of 2019 at the BMW Training Academy in Munich, Unterschleißheim.

Participants from seven different countries attended the event to test their latest prototypes against each other, so that potential Bluetooth interoperability problems can be identified early on. In 90 minute time slots around 50 participants were given the opportunity to test on 19 different platforms and to discuss interoperability errors.


09/2018 NFC Forum Signs Liaison with German Automotive Consortium

The German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA and the NFC Forum signed a liaison agreement. The goal of this cooperation is to develop the standards and specifications to increase the NFC technology as a key enabler. The CE4A will also benefit from the new cooperation agreement to exchange information with the NFC Forum in mutual interest.



11/2014 Calendar, Task and Notes

The Bluetooth Specification "Calendar, Task and Notes" (CTN) was published by the Bluetooth SIG on September 18th 2014 together with the underlying "Generic PIM Profile". The CTN Profile enables handling and access of Calendar, Task and Notes entries stored on a Bluetooth connected device. Together with other Bluetooth profiles like Message and Phonebook Access Profile, CTN adds to the portfolio of personal information specifications, further advancing the mobile office use case for modern cars.

You may find the documents under the adopted specifications section of the Bluetooth SIG Homepage:



10/2014 Article about CE4A

CE4A - German


09/2013 Wireless energy transmission: New technology will soon charge smartphones in cars



03/2013 SIM Access profile whitepaper released by Bluetooth® SIG

The CE4A appreciates that the Bluetooth®Special Interest Group (www.bluetooth.org) has released the white paper “SAP and Remote Network Access” that addresses the technical solutions to use the SIM access Profile (SAP) in a modern smart phone ecosystem.

CE4A has contributed to the white paper that describes approaches to use SAP for high quality phone calls while in parallel the  smart phone applications stay connected seamlessly to the internet. Therefore customers can both benefit from the advantage of SAP and are able to be “always connected” at the same time.

The white paper can be downloaded from the specifications area of the Bluetooth® SIG at www.bluetooth.org.


10/2012 Bluetooth Interoperability Requirements for Mobile Terminals

The GSM Association has released the v1.0 of its "Bluetooth Interoperability Requirements for Mobile Terminals". This document defines a minimum common suite of Bluetooth hardware and profile requirements for two classes of Bluetooth enabled mobile Terminals - Basic and Advanced.

The CE4A very much appreciated the opportunity to contribute the car manufacturer’s expectations on Bluetooth connectivity features to the GSMA specification activity and expects this to further improve user experience and interoperability between cars and mobile phones.

The CE4A invites all mobile phone manufacturers to follow this specification. The document can be found at  http://gsma.com/newsroom/technical-documents/   under the name TSG PRD TS.19 v1.0 Bluetooth Interoperability Requirements for Mobile Terminals.



CE4A SAP Motivation for In-Car Usage


07/2012CE4A promotes Bluetooth SIM-AccessProfile (SAP) for best in-car user experience

The Bluetooth© technology has become the state-of-the-art communication technology for connecting mobile phones to the car’s infotainment system. Bluetooth© is a short-range wireless technology that allows devices to communicate and exchange data. Penetration rates of Bluetooth among mobile phones have reached nearly 100% in the automotive environment. Bluetooth© allows a convenient user experience for a variety of customer’s needs while driving:

A driver can do hands-free phone calls using the mobile phone’s contacts and call logs, listen to his favorite music stored to the mobile phone via the car’s loudspeakers, receive and send SMS and emails, have access to the personal calendar and last but not least can perform telematics services and internet access. To implement those use cases, Bluetooth© has defined a number of so-called “Profiles”. There are two different profiles that can be used for hands free phone calls: The hands-free profile (HFP) and the SIM-Access Profile (SAP).

SAP was created as it provides numerous benefits compared to HFP:

  1. It provides excellent voice call quality because of using the car’s external antenna and telecommunication module.
  2. It offers best network coverage for calls and telematic services while at the same time reducing the electromagnetic exposure inside the car significantly.
  3. More comfort and reduced costs for the user as no phone specific cradle is required.
  4. When using SAP and the car’s WiFi hotspot at the same time, the advantages of hands-free calling and parallel internet connection are combined while the customer does not need to sign car-specific telematics contracts: Just connect the mobile phone to the car and it works.

Due to these clear advantages CE4A now has started an initiative to promote further spreading of SAP among the mobile phone industry. “All CE4A members are very successfully offering car phone infotainment solutions that make use of SAP providing best user experience for our demanding customers” says Andreas Eberhardt (Chairman CE4A Expert Group Telephone). “With the vision of a “connected car” in the short-term future, using SAP and the car’s wireless hotspot at the same time provides the advantage that the customers can benefit from excellent voice call and seamless “always-on” experience at the same time without needing to sign an additional telematics contract” adds Gerald Stöckl, (Chairman CE4A Expert Group PIM). “Therefore we are convinced that SAP is the best in-car solution.” 


12/2011 Wireless Charging

Mobile phone manufacturers are now beginning to include integrated wireless charging capabilities in their devices. A strong market will develop for wireless charging in automobiles. Therefore, wireless charging will be of high significance to the industry keeping up with customer demands.

CE4A believes that we’ll see accelerating adoption in the automotive industry, beginning with after-market applications and following a full integration into all types of vehicles.


09/2008EG Media - Musik immer dabei


in Elektronik automotive, Issue 6.2008 September, Page 52