OEM Overarching Tests Meeting CE Industry Requirements


Mission statement

  • Gather automotive collective requirements on a reference system from automotive OEMs
  • Specify a reference platform to be delivered externally on CE producers for interoperability tests with new mobile devices
  • Create a clear benchmark concerning interface between vehicle and mobile devices to face CE industry requirements
  • Aggregate OEM overarching test scenarios and test outcomes



  • Emulate both the vehicle Control Unit and the mobile terminal in an OEM overarching manner
  • Path the way for finding and removing errors or omissions in early testing phases at car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and mobile terminal producers
  • Completion of the first official release
  • Implementation of new Bluetooth profiles considered to be in development stage
  • Participation in UPF Events of the Bluetooth SIG



The Reference Platform Version 16.5 can be downloaded here.

For a friendly Bluetooth experience, please note that CE4A recommends the following four CSR chip based Bluetooth 4.0 dongles:

  • Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter
  • LogiLink BT0015 USB Bluetooth V4.0
  • CSL - USB micro Bluetooth-Adapter V4.0
  • Hama Bluetooth USB Adapter (Bluetooth 4.0 C1 + EDR)


Rapid Reference Platform (RRP)

Development of the next generation Reference Platform (RRP) with the following goals:

  • Maximise use of open-source software
  • Flexible implementation and extensibility
  • Mobile platform that can easily be operated in the car
  • Reduced complexity due to uniform hardware
  • Early availability of features without the dependency of third party and proprietary software
  • Support prototyping of new Bluetooth features
  • Provide newly implemented features to the open source community

The RRP is based on a Raspberry Pi with Open-Source enhancements and is therefore independent of external Bluetooth dongles/hardware.

Besides the Bluetooth features offered by the open source projects on which the RRP is based, the platform supports the following enhancements at the moment:

Wide band speech
MAP 1.3 in the server role
Enhanced Voice Recognition Activation
Indicator enhancements for different indicators

Further Bluetooth features are in development.



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