Automotive Premium Phone Integration


Mission Statement:

With the rapidly growing number and types of mobile phones used worldwide, the need to support these communication devices in the vehicle to satisfy the upcoming demand for unrestricted mobile communication is increasing.

To comply with driver distraction legislation in many countries, a car driver is not allowed by law to touch the user interface of his mobile phone while driving. Therefore automotive industry has to provide a premium in-car user-interface to guarantee that the driver can use his mobile phone while driving in accord with modern legislation.

Another challenge for the automotive industry is to implement new use cases for the premium in-car user-interface which are only realizable with new mobile phones. An example for a new automotive customer use case is the access to contacts and messages stored on a mobile phone and browsing this information in the vehicle via on-board infotainment system.



Create well defined standardised wireless and wired interfaces for seamless and user friendly mobile phone vehicle integration:   

  • Adapt Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Completion of new Bluetooth specifications
  • Apply wired Technologies for mobile phone device integration into the vehicle
  • Edit and advance further profiles and specifications   
  • Promote the WiFi standardisation for applications in the automotive environment                 


Establish Interoperability Requirements, Testing and Defect Management:   

  • Create complete sets of “automotive strength” test cases and test procedures for interoperability, quality, and robustness  
  • Organization of Interoperability Test Sessions (IOTS) 
  • Implement collaborative testing strategies to comply with the defined test cases   
  • Establish mobile phone defect management process   
  • Provide mobile phone Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) design and test guidelines


Establish win-win cooperation between automobile manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers and network operators:   

  • Establish well defined bilateral communication channels   
  • Specify contact persons on each manufacturer side   
  • Exchange technology and product roadmaps   
  • Joint continuous improvement of interoperability, quality and robustness


Define and implement premium usability experience in the vehicle:   

  • Easy Bluetooth Pairing   
  • Enable functions without need for reading the user manuals   
  • Standardised wording for Bluetooth terms   
  • Definition for optimized (default) factory settings for the mobile phone


Positioning Paper:

CE4A EG Telephone Positioning Paper V1.0


Whitepaper "AT-commands for Automotive Premium Phone Integration":

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