Commonly Used CE Device Connectivity Solutions


Mission statement:

Observe and work with CE OEMs and standardisation bodies, influence their decision making, create standards and gather recommendations and requirements for the need of the automotive OEMS.


Short-term Objective:

Create physical and logical connectivity solutions to CE devices that can be commonly used in automobiles produced by CE4A members.


Long-term Objectives:   

  • Define a common connector as interface to the Media Gateway on automotive side 
  • Hardware authentication chip solutions for iPod / iPhone   
  • "Wireless Charging" for CE devices
  • Encourage the collaboration with standardisation bodies such as NFC-Forum
  • Arrange workshops with representatives of the industry
  • Update and spread the CE4A NFC-Positionpaper


EG Standard Connector NFC Position Paper

NFC Integration into the car environment v0.9


EG Standard Connector Positioning Paper

CE4A EG Standard Connector Positioning Paper v1.0


Wireless Charging Requirements for Download 

CE4A_EG_Standard_Connector_Requirements 01-2015_v1.6


EMC Requirements 

EMC Requirements CE4A 2-2012_EN


Antenna coupling measurement

CE4A_EG_Standard_Connector_Measurement coupling attenuation 01-2013_v1.0    


2013 - 3. CE4A Workshop wireless charging and NFC 23. + 24.4 2013 

We had again a very successful workshop with topics of development and integration of wireless charging and NFC in automotive environment.

Both interfaces are important for a future oriented integration of mobile phones in vehicles. Wireless charging delivers the power, NFC new use cases for Bluetooth out of band pairing, v-card import, key less access, etc.

See protocol or download all docs from the workshop.

Protokoll kurz für Homepage 2013   


2012 - 2. CE4A Workshop wireless charging 25. + 26.4 2012 

Location Bad Boll, Hotel Seminaris

We had again a very interesting workshop. See the short summary protocol.

Protokoll Workshop 2012


2011 - 1. CE4A Workshop wireless charging 30-06-2011

30.6. + 1.7.2011 Bad Boll, Seminaris

Approx. 50 participants from member CE4A, IC manufacturers, automotive suppliers, handset manufacturers, representatives of organizations and equipment manufacturers participated in the workshop.

In 18 interesting and partly under NDA held lectures and presentations was an overview of current and future developments in wireless charging given.

Protokoll Workshop Bad Boll 2011

Since the mobile phone manufacturers are now beginning to include integrated wireless charging capabilities in their devices, there will be a real market developing for wireless charging in automobiles. The wireless charging will be very important to the industry, which is listening to the customer. CE4A believes that we’ll see accelerating adoption in the automotive industry, first for after-market applications, then full integration into cars and trucks.