Personal Information Management Integration


Mission Statement:

With the growing success of smartphones supporting these consumer electronics (CE) devices as a mobile office source in a vehicular environment becomes more and more important.

Another challenge for the automotive industry is to implement new use cases for premium in-car user-interface. An example for a new automotive customer use case is the access to contacts and messages stored on a mobile phone and browsing this information in the vehicle within on-board infotainment systems.  



  • User satisfaction driven by a convenient and secure way of operation.   
  • Providing rich functionality via vehicle control elements, display(s), and sound system.   
  • Operability without constrains to driver security.   
  • Wide interoperability of PIM devices und vehicular communication systems.    
  • Edit and advance further profiles and specifications
  • Closer cooperation with the CE- and OS-manufacturer, to establish elaborated specifications faster in the field


Positioning Paper:




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